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May 2019
We had Mrs. Patricia and she was excellent! She showed up early and was kind enough to extend her hours for us. My boys (ages 2, 4, and 6)loved her. She took them to the park and did in-home activities with them. My boys will tell me if they don't like someone, but with her, they said she was nice and fun! I highly recommend Daisies for dependable childcare!

May 2019
 It was a pleasure working with you and your babysitters.  Thank you for your professionalism and reliability.  We look forward to working with you in the future.
Day Camp Director
Grand Getaways Passover Program

★★★★★ February 2018
Patricia the owner was quite accommodating and gave excellent service. I highly recommend Daisies to all parents. I wish we had a babysitting service like this in CT. Gigi, our babysitter worked out great. She is respectful and i immediately felt safe leaving my daughter in her hands. Don’t waste time looking for another sitting service... you can’t get better than this!

January, 2018
First time using a service and ..... Best service, best sitter, best everything if you use this company will not be disappointed !!!! Worth every penny and more in my opinion for their trust honesty and amazing sitters !!!! I currently have an 18-month-old son and desperately needed service to help me while I attended events here in Orlando . I had planned on bringing a family member with me to watch my son and a last-minute emergency came up . I contacted 2 services before I found Patricia and her team ! One service said they could not meet my requirements and that I was asking too much and that my list of request was just too demanding and another service wanted to charge me $40 just to view sitters in the area and an extra charge if I use the sitter ... I finally find this team ... let me just tell you that as a first-time parent using a serbice I was so afraid and so scared I actually booked the sitter to come for four hours before I needed her so I can get to know her and play with her and the baby before leaving them alone . We had a woman named Shariama .... not only did she show up on time she showed up ready to do her job ... she absolutely immediately made me feel Great about the whole situation . She could tell that I was nervous so she started talking a little bit about her life telling me about her kids and how she understands because she didn’t leave her kids alone for a long time either . She let me lead the way and we quickly became what felt like very good friends in a short amount of time . My son warmed up to her very quickly and within an hour they were playing and laughing ! as my husband and I got ready for our first event it was nice having someone here that already felt like a friend ...I walked out in my dress and Asked her how I looked ... she gave me advice and let me dress up for her just like a friend all wall holding my son . One of the nights we had to run late and she just went with the flow and encourage me to have fun because I had'nt in years and she understood . She followed every direction and every want and need that I asked of her for my child without even questioning it .... The transactions from beginning to and down to payment was so smooth and so easy I am honestly baffled why more people don’t use services more often . I was so impressed and honestly wish that I could take her with me!

Joann T
Our first Orlando vacation after my beloved husband passed away, I was alone with my 11 children. Five of which have Down syndrome. I didn't know what I would do.  I prayed and said ok, Lord, I'm going to trust here and go on a leap of faith and hire a caregiver for my girls! I needed to spend some quality time with my older typical children after our family tragedy. God sent us an angel, Patricia (owner, Daisies Babysitting).  As I write this with tears in my eyes, I want to say she was a true blessing. I knew when I first met her she was heaven sent. You just know in your gut when something is good and right and I was relieved! My husband and I never used any babysitters and we would take turns ourselves. He was a Police officer and worked second shift and I'd do hair a little during the day throughout the years. I was Not used to anyone caring for my children. I had no Choice to ask for help and it was the best thing Iever did. Every trip to Orlando Patricia is a part of like family.

New York
Patricia babysat for our three kids on a recent family trip to Orlando. While we were nervous to leave them with a nanny we didn't know, when Patricia called us prior to arriving, I got to talk with her and she put me right at ease. We used her twice that trip. The kids absolutely loved her. She was on time and completely professional. She texted us throughout the evening and let us know that things were going fine and the kids were having fun. We would recommend her to other families and wouldn't hesitate on using her again. Thanks to her, we were able to enjoy a couple of nights out knowing the kids were safe and being taken care of.

I used this babysitting service while traveling to Florida for business with my young daughter. She always had a great time and stayed happy and entertained throughout our visit, even when I had to work long hours. There were plenty of activities provided. I've used sitting services all over the country and this is one of the very best I have found.

I love Patricia. She is amazing with my daughter and I never have to worry about her when Patricia babysits her. Patricia follows everything that I ask her to do with my daughter and even plans fun activities or places for her to go while I'm away. She has been very flexible with my work schedule which has been helpful. I have peace of my mind because of Patricia's care and concern for my daughter. Thanks